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Most of the resources on this website have been created as part of projects run by BCMG and therefore have been tested in live contexts. There are resources for young people and for adults that work with young people - secondary music teachers, generalist primary teachers, instrumental teachers, community musicians, composer-educators and parents. There is an emphasis on resources to support young people composing but there are also resources to support the performance of new music and project reports. The resources have been created by teachers, composers and music education researchers. They are categorised by Project though you can also search by ability level, type or key word(s). 

We are delighted to be able to make the resources free but would ask that you credit BCMG if you use them. 

Featured Resources



Sequenza is a set of resources designed to support composing for particular musical instruments. So far this includes flute, oboe and saxophone. In the resources, BCMG musicians demonstrate traditional and extended techniques and how to notate them, as well as give listening suggestions for each instrument. 

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