Birmingham Contemporary Music Group Learning Resources

Resources on this website have been created as part of projects run by BCMG and therefore have been tested in live contexts. There are resources for young people and for adults that work with young people - secondary music teachers, generalist primary teachers, instrumental teachers, community musicians, composer-educators and parents.

There is an emphasis on resources to support young people composing but there are also resources to support the performance of new music and project reports. The resources have been created by teachers, composers and music education researchers. They are categorised by Project though you can also search by ability level, type or key word(s). 

We are delighted to be able to make the resources free but would ask that you credit BCMG if you use them. 

Featured Resources


Music Maze

Music Maze is a set of composing resources, each taking a different piece of contemporary classical music repertoire as their starting point. 

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Imagine Compose

Imagine Compose is a set of composing resources to use with groups of beginner instrumentalists up to Grade 3. Some resources will also work well with more advanced students.

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Exchanging Notes

Exchanging Notes was an exchange of ideas between teachers and composers designed to strengthen and investigate new strategies for teaching composing across the secondary music curriculum.

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In this section you will find a selection of executive summaries from reports on key BCMG projects setting out key findings and recommendations. The full reports are also available for download. 

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That's My Music!

That's My Music! is a collection of resources to support the teaching and learning of composing in primary schools. It is designed to accompany the BCMG project of the same name which comprises of workshops in schools and CPD for teachers. 

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Creating Music at Home

These resources includes composing activities for children and young people that they can do at home with or without instruments. 

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Arts Award with BCMG

Arts Award supports young people to develop as artists and arts leaders. These resources are designed to support children to complete their Discover or Explore Arts Award remotely, working from home. 

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Creating Music at Home (Instrumentalists)

This set of resources is a collection of fun ways to create music. These activities are designed for children who play a musical instrument, even at a beginner level. 


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