Birmingham Contemporary Music Group Learning Resources

Welcome to BCMG's Learning Resource Hub. There are resources and activities here for young people, parents, composers and teachers (secondary music teachers, generalist primary teachers, instrumental teachers) mainly focused on supporting young people to compose. We are delighted to be able to make the resources free but would ask that you credit BCMG if you use them. 

Featured Resources


Composing with Contemporary Music (Teachers)

Composing resources for KS2/3 using contemporary classical music as a starting point.

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Composing with WCET (Teachers)

Composing activities to use with groups of beginner instrumentalists up to Grade 3.

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Exploring Composing KS3/4/5 (Teachers)

Resources exploring pedagogic strategies for teaching and learning composing in secondary schools from BCMG's Exchanging Notes project.

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BCMG Project Reports

Executive summaries from key BCMG project reports and links to full reports.

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Composing at KS1 & 2 (Teachers)

Resources to support the teaching and learning composing in primary schools.

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Composing at Home (Children)

Fun composing activities for young people that can be done at home with or without instruments. 

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BCMG Arts Award (Teachers & Young People)

Resources to support children to complete their Discover or Explore Arts Award

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Composing at Home (Young Instrumentalists)

Fun composing activities for young people who play a musical instrument. 


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Composing for a Specific Instruments

Resources designed to support composing for particular musical instruments (oboe, flute and saxophone)

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Additional Resources

A home for useful resources that don't fit neatly into other categories. So far this includes BCMG's Inclusion Pack and Careers in the Arts resources. 

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Listen Imagine Compose Primary

This set of resources have been developed as part of the action research project Listen Imagine Compose Primary

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